July 01, 2020

When your skin is in desperate need of a nourishing pick-me-up, you can’t go past our five-star firming mask. 

If you’ve got thirty minutes up your sleeve, a firming mask will help fast-track your glow-up when prepping for an event, and it will prove it’s usefulness once again whenever you feel a little sluggish, they’ll turn a bad skin day right around.

So, here are four reasons why our Firming Mask should play a starring role in your beauty routine: 

  • It will kick the early signs of ageing to the curb
  • It fights damage
  • It gives your skin back its natural b-b-bounce
  • Your skin will appear brighter, more even and smoother



Ideal for mature skin, the hero ingredients of this powerhouse Treatment are:


Firms and improves elasticity.


Energise under-achieving cells.

Green purslane

A powerful herb that protects skin barrier function and strengthens skin cells.

Lemon balm

Fights free radicals and prevents damage.