May 13, 2021

Facial massage techniques have been around for centuries, with the idea to promote healthy skin and relaxed muscles via increasing blood flow to these sensitive areas. Our range of beauty tools are the perfect first step in mastering these techniques to get the most out of your skincare routine. 

Technique 1: Lymphatic Facial Massage

Use the lymphatic facial massage to stimulate nerves, relieve tension, reduce future breakouts and release toxins. When doing lymphatic massage, also use light pressure, as the lymph vessels are delicate and too much pressure can crush the vessels meaning they won't drain as effectively. Never massage over inflamed acne as this can spread the bacteria. Check out our video here, or follow these easy steps with our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers:

1) Massage from the middle of the forehead out, repeat five times

2) Massage from the edges of the nose, along the cheek bone and up, repeat five times

3) Massage from the edges of the mouth, up towards the ends up the eyebrows, repeat five times

4) Massage from the jawline down the neck, away from your face, repeat five times.


Technique 2: Lifting Facial Massage

Use the lifting facial massage to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and boost skin elasticity. This technique helps to promote collagen production, leading to a more youthful glow. For a lifting massage, you are working against gravity so make sure all strokes are upwards and outwards, to lift and sculpt. Check out our video here or follow these easy steps with our Original Ice Globe Facial Massagers:

1) Start at the eyebrows and massage up the forehead to the hairline, repeat five times.

2) Massage from the outer corner of the eye, upwards to the hairline, repeat five times. 

3) Massage from the centre of your collar bones, up the neck, repeat 5 times. 


Technique 3: Gua Sha Massage

Not only a luxurious end to a masking sesh, Aceology beauty tools are also beneficial for self-care and mindfulness; the Gua Sha is a handy tool for those prone to migraines and headaches and is said to address stagnant energy or ‘chi’ in the body.

Your Gua Sha will work most effectively with product already on your skin so that it can massage your facial tissue and in turn allow the key active ingredients from your skincare routine to better absorb deeper into the skin’s many beautiful layers. This is why we recommend using our tools after removing one of the face masks from the Aceology Infusion Gel collection.

1) Start on the neck: 

Using the notched edge, along the spine.
Using the curved edge, glide along chest and neck.
Using the notched edge again, glide up the throat.

2) Move to the jawline:

Using the notched edge, follow the angle of your jaw.
Using the curved edge, glide from the nose to ear .
Using one of the notch sides, use a light stroke under the eye, upward and out towards hairline.

3) Finish with the temples:

Using the notched edge follow the brow bone.
Using the concave edge, glide upwards on forehead.


All that have you feeling really to give it a try? Check out our range of facial massagers and beauty tools today. Have any questions about how to use our beauty tools for facial massage? Do not hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer service team who are here for all of your beauty needs.