August 20, 2021

Hello Glow Getters – fancy seeing you here. We have come to that pivotal time of the year where everyone is looking for that extra bit of glow to brighten their day.

A glow so powerful that it even prompted the Weekend to author this iconic phrase “ooooooh, I’m blinded by….. your glowing skin” (the last bit may not have specifically come up in the Weekend’s revered hit ‘Blinded By The Light’, but we are going to roll with it anyway -humor us). Who knew bright and smiling skin is the muse we are all looking for!

If you have gotten this far, you might be wondering – how can I achieve this elusive glow? Well, never fear, the Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask is here to be that skin pick-me-up we all need.

 So, what is it?

Our Brightening Treatment Mask is a paint on and exfoliating peel off mask, designed to kick start a tired complexion to the curb. Designed to re-charge skin cells from the surface for an instant glow-up, the beauty boosting formulation is jam-packed with potent active ingredients such as niacinamide, mushroom and bitter orange, a natural form of Vitamin C.

 How does our Brightening Treatment work its magic ?

With our science backed ingredients (ooooh sciency stuff), our Brightening Treatment Mask boosts cell regeneration and brightens pigmentation giving your back that healthy glow!

NIACINAMIDE: A form of vitamin B3 ( yes please) promotes collagen synthesis in skin cells whist brightening skin. This in turn assists in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, our skin's first line of defence against environmental aggressors and renewing cells to repair past damage.

 MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Naturally lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, instantly restoring a youthful glow. 

VITAMIN C: Fights against free radicals and UV damage, kicks collagen production into overdrive, and reduces inflammation. 

How can you use the Brightening treatment Mask?

Great question!! At Aceology we believe everyone deserves a cheeky pamper session every now and then and so we have created super easy to apply and fast acting masks that deliver instant results. What easier way to apply a mask than with your finger – natures very own applicator. Our Brightening Treatment Mask formula is lightweight and can easily glide over the skin with a finger application. The mask can also be applied with any facial brush/ applicator you own – it is that simple.

Paint it on, peel it off and the rest is history!!!

Sound like something you need in your life? Add our Brightening Treatment Mask to cart now and glow now! 

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