March 28, 2021

Name a better combo. We’ll wait.

There is no greater joy in life than applying a soothing face maskand kicking back on the couch to binge-watch a Netflix show. Actually – scrap that – there are two ways this weekend situation could be improved: with a wine in your hand and a pal by your side.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of Netflix shows to choose from, we are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to finding a new series to watch. Sometimes, when you’re presented with an abundance of choice, it’s best to go with the popular vote. Below, seven top-rated shows to watch next time you #NetflixAndMask.



Warning: creepy content ahead. Netflix’s latest hit show, You, is supremely disturbing. This adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling thriller stars Penn Badgley (of Gossip Girl fame) as Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a customer.


Black Mirror

Another creepy-yet-bingeworthy show, Black Mirror is set in a number of future dystopias and explores themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. It’s a series of stand-alone episodes, each more eerie than the last. Expect to feel a bit uneasy about the modern world.


Brooklyn 99

And now for a change of pace. Brooklyn 99 is guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter. Starring Andy Samberg, this police drama is set in barely-functioning police precinct, the Brooklyn 99. Samberg plays Jake Peralta, a talented yet blasé cop with little respect for the rules.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Do you own too much ‘stuff’? Marie Kondo thinks you do. This Netflix series is based on Kondo’s bestselling book and has sparked a cultural phenomenon. Kondo asks viewers to go through their possessions and ask if each item still ‘sparks joy’. If it doesn’t, it goes in the trash. Good luck getting through this series without throwing out half of your possessions in the process – Kondo is convincing.


Gilmore Girls

An oldie but a goodie: Gilmore Girls requires no introduction. If you’re looking for a heart-warming watch, Lorelai and Rory’s easy mother-daughter dynamic is just as lovely to watch today as it was 10 years ago. All seven seasons are on Netflix so you may need a long weekend for this one.


Stranger Things

If you’re not up-to-date with Stanger Things, you’re missing out. This sci-fi thriller about a missing boy has a dedicated cult-following and catapulted 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown to fame. Stranger Things is set in the '80s and has a nostalgic vintage vibe. Come for the plot twists, stay for the set design.



Netflix-original show Glowis a humorous look at a group of jobbing actresses in the '80s who banded together to form a wrestling group: Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW). It features a diverse cast of women, witty dialogue and more Lycra than every other Netflix show combined.