August 26, 2021

Even the most consistent skincare enthusiast has times when their skin has just had it. Maybe your complexion isn’t responding well to your usual routine, or that tried-and-tested trick is making things worse. Whatever the reason is, we’re here to bring you and your stressed skin some TLC to restore your glow, ASAP!

Skincare stocktake

If you’re having some downtime at home, it’s a good chance to take stock of what’s working in your skincare routine, and what’s not. The bottles, tubes and samples that you never seem to get through? They can probably go now. 

Focus on using products that your skin happily drinks up, rather than mixing things up too much. The best kind of skincare routine is one you’ll be consistent with. 

Master your cleanse

Nothing refreshes your skin as quickly as a good cleanse. Try double cleansing – it’s hardly any extra effort, but your skin will seriously reward you for it. 

Your first cleanse focuses on removing excess oil, makeup and sunscreen. Cleansing balms or cleansing oils are perfect for this, as they dissolve oil on your skin more effectively than water.

The second cleanse is what you’ve probably already been doing. Facial cleansers in gel, foam or milk formats remove any remaining residue or impurities from your skin, leaving it balanced and ready for the rest of your routine. 

Schedule self-care sessions

Candles lit, phone off. Set aside some time to pamper yourself, whatever that looks like for you. We love taking a long bath with an Aceology mask on, while listening to a podcast - try You’re Doing Great Sweetie!.

Make friends with H20

Not to call you out, but have you drunk enough water today? Every part of your body, including your skin, benefits from the nutrients in water. 

As a general rule, most people need to drink about two litres per day to keep their organs in good condition. Happy organs = happy skin. If you’re not drinking that amount (yet), try setting reminders on your phone or making hourly markers on a big water bottle. 

Watch feel-good movies or shows

When times get tough, give yourself permission to watch all the happy movies, escapist TV shows or hilarious YouTube videos you need. Re-watching works, too: the familiarity and predictability of knowing there’s a happy ending can bring much-needed comfort.

Catch up on ZZZ’s 

How well you sleep is just as important as how you spend your days. After indulging in your evening skincare routine (which might include rich facial oils or renewing treatments), dedicate some time to wind down.

Get snuggled up, listen to some soothing music, or read a calming book – whatever helps you drift off. While you get your beauty sleep, your body continues working and ‘resetting’ so you wake up feeling fresh and looking radiant.